Full Governors Meeting 14th May 2014

The Summer Term meeting of the full governing body was held on May 14th 2014 in school. Our two new parent governors were welcomed to their first governors meeting. The governors had an opportunity to extensively question the head teacher on his report.  Amongst other things pupil performance, the impact of pupil turnover and how the school pupil premium money is calculated and allocated were discussed. The improvement in school attendance was noted and the need to continue initiatives in school to make sure that the improvement in attendance and punctuality remain consistent.

Arrangements were made for the head teacher’s appraisal in the coming academic year, and dates set for curriculum link governors to visit school to observe that the schools teaching and learning policies are taking place. Advice on how to ensure that the school implements and reviews legally required policies was accepted and will be used in future committee meetings.

Governors reported on their school visits and training and future training needs were considered and checked that school budget was on course. The work load on the school in implementing a policy that reflects the changes needed to implement the new regulations for pupils with special needs and disabilities was considered.

The chair thanked the governors for the full participation in what proved to be a fruitful meeting.

Once approved the minutes from this meeting will be available in the school entrance.

Many thanks

Ted Elgy

Chair of governors at Haggonfields School