Full Governors Meeting 14th May 2014

The Summer Term meeting of the full governing body was held on May 14th 2014 in school. Our two new parent governors were welcomed to their first governors meeting. The governors had an opportunity to extensively question the head teacher on his report.  Amongst other things pupil performance, the impact of pupil turnover and how the school pupil premium money is calculated and allocated were discussed. The improvement in school attendance was noted and the need to continue initiatives in school to make sure that the improvement in attendance and punctuality remain consistent.

Arrangements were made for the head teacher’s appraisal in the coming academic year, and dates set for curriculum link governors to visit school to observe that the schools teaching and learning policies are taking place. Advice on how to ensure that the school implements and reviews legally required policies was accepted and will be used in future committee meetings.

Governors reported on their school visits and training and future training needs were considered and checked that school budget was on course. The work load on the school in implementing a policy that reflects the changes needed to implement the new regulations for pupils with special needs and disabilities was considered.

The chair thanked the governors for the full participation in what proved to be a fruitful meeting.

Once approved the minutes from this meeting will be available in the school entrance.

Many thanks

Ted Elgy

Chair of governors at Haggonfields School

Spring Term Meeting

There was a governors meeting on February 5th held at the school. These meetings are important as the governors are responsible for holding the Head teacher to account for educational performance of the school, ensuring that the school gives value for money and helping to shape the ethos and vision of the school. Progress of the pupils is good, nevertheless, questions were asked about the how initiatives such as assertive mentoring are making an impact in the school. The drive for good pupil progress will continue.

School attendance and behaviour is improving and it was noted that the reception pupils (F2’s) had an excellent attendance and punctuality record in the Autumn Term.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming part of our governing body team, we have 2 vacancies for parent members. Nomination papers will be arriving through your door soon. If you would like to know more about being a governor, ask at the school and you will be put in touch with myself or an existing school governor who you know, who will be happy to talk to you about what is involved. It is a really rewarding job.

Many thanks for reading

Ted Elgy on behalf of the whole governing body at Haggonfields School

Autumn Term Governors Meeting

Last night the governors of Haggonfields Primary school met for the autumn term meeting. As usual there was a lot on the agenda to discuss. The governing body supports and challenges the headteacher to ensure best practice and that Haggonfields is operating within the law. We also bring ideas to the table to ultimately give our children the best education that they deserve.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of our Parent governors and wish her good luck in her future; Diane Cameron has been a governor at Haggonfields for over 9 years and has made the decision to resign. There will in due course be an election for a new parent governor.

The progress of all year groups in Reading, Writing and Maths was discussed and questioned, In most areas we are seeing good progress and we look forward to seeing the impact from the hard work this term. School Governor’s visit school for a variety of reasons, including curriculum links to monitor lesson plans and books and to ensure that policy’s are up to date. It’s always nice to see Children’s work and how they are making progress through their books.

The new Attendance Policy is having a great effect on the overall attendance of the school; I wonder who will win this week’s Attendance Cup?

Internet safety of our pupils is high priority and all teachers are constantly reminding pupils of the importance to keep safe whilst online.

The children have been busy designing Christmas cards this week, these are being sent off today and will be available for ordering soon.

Should you have any questions please see any of the school governors.

Many thanks for reading

Annette Phillipson

Parent Governor at Haggonfields Primary School



Summer Term Full Governors meeting

On behalf of the whole Governing body I would like to welcome Traci Ogley as Haggonfields new Parent Governor – We are looking forward to working with her.

The whole Governing Body met on Wednesday night for our regular Full Governors meeting. It was informative and it’s very exciting to hear all the achievements and news. The new style head teacher reports that were given enable the governors to challenge the school to further raise attainment and increase accountability.

It was really good to see evidence that the new attendance policy is having the desired effect. Everyone is working hard to ensure that the policy is adhered to and the new attendance cup (including the sweets!) is proving a big hit for the children.

It was also mentioned that the new behaviour policy is decreasing the number of incidents. Behaviour at both dinner time and during the day is improving.

The introduction of both school dinners and packed lunches being eaten in the school hall has been successful. We are looking forward to re-vamping the dining room into a very much needed library space.

The following INSET days were approved:

Wednesday 4th September 2013

Friday 18th October 2013

Also next week is half term and we have an INSET day on Monday 3rd June and return to school on the 4th June.

In the next half term we are looking forward to Sports Day, Class 1’s trip to Chatsworth farm, Y6 SAT results and the summer fair.

Should anyone have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Governing body team

Many thanks

Annette Phillipson

Parent Governor at Haggonfields School