Spring Term Meeting

There was a governors meeting on February 5th held at the school. These meetings are important as the governors are responsible for holding the Head teacher to account for educational performance of the school, ensuring that the school gives value for money and helping to shape the ethos and vision of the school. Progress of the pupils is good, nevertheless, questions were asked about the how initiatives such as assertive mentoring are making an impact in the school. The drive for good pupil progress will continue.

School attendance and behaviour is improving and it was noted that the reception pupils (F2’s) had an excellent attendance and punctuality record in the Autumn Term.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming part of our governing body team, we have 2 vacancies for parent members. Nomination papers will be arriving through your door soon. If you would like to know more about being a governor, ask at the school and you will be put in touch with myself or an existing school governor who you know, who will be happy to talk to you about what is involved. It is a really rewarding job.

Many thanks for reading

Ted Elgy on behalf of the whole governing body at Haggonfields School