The Spring Term Full Governors Meeting took place on February 4th. Mr Elgy was reappointed as chair and Councillor Fielding as vice chair. Under the reconstitution of the governing body which comes into being on March 18th, there are no vacancies.

The governors were briefed in the Headteachers report about the School Improvement Plan, Self Evaluation Form, pupil progress among vulnerable pupils and the impact of the pupil premium. Specific questions were asked to the head teacher and deputy head teacher about  the development of the new curriculum in school, sports premium, pupils progress in writing, assessment without levels and the holistic development of pupils. The head reported that the recent LA quality assurance visit had gone well. The adviser was happy with the school’s judgement and progress made.

In the section on financial matters there were no overspends and the  school budget was deemed to be on track. The improved of resources were discussed such as the current better leasing arrangement for the school photocopier and savings made and improved service by changing internet providers. The updated school finance policy was approved. The Schools Financial Value Standard was approved, having previously being extensively discussed between the business manager and the chair.

In the concluding items governors highlighted that the data provided in the Headteachers report showed how interventions were impacting on outcomes for pupils. the provision of activities through the sports premium and a sport club provided at half term should encourage pupils to lead a healthier lifestyle. Better use of the building to allow the setting up of the school library in the old dining hall, moving the the kitchen so that the serving hatch opens to the school hall have improved meal and learning provision for the pupils. Questions asked by governors to the senior leadership of school both on frequent visits to the school and at governors meetings seek to hold the Headteacher to account.

Future dates: April 1st 2015

Resources Committee 6.30 p.m.

Strategic Development Committee 7.30 p.m.

Full Governors May 14th 2015


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